CBORD Solutions for Cashless Systems

CBORD solutions for cashless systems

CBORD is the leading provider of cashless systems to the business and industry marketplace. We offer systems tailored to meet the needs of any operation, large or small, single- or multi-site. Each of our cashless offerings—Odyssey PCS and OdysseyOne—offer valuable features for different environments. Read on to determine which solution is best for your business.

Odyssey PCS™

Odyssey PCS is a flexible, user-friendly cashless system designed for ease of use and minimal system maintenance. This expandable ID card software includes extensive functionality for

  • Dining
  • Snack and beverage vending
  • Copying
  • Payroll deduction
  • Network printing
  • Company store purchases
  • Door access
  • Online capabilities
    … and much more!

CBORD has partnered with MICROS to provide quality point-of-sale terminals that seamlessly exchange data with Odyssey PCS in the cafeteria, gift shop, pharmacy, and anywhere you need a cashless solution. In addition, your employees can have access to cashless vending and other privileges such as on-site child care, health club, and parking.


OdysseyOne is the perfect cashless system for smaller operations. Designed for businesses with up to 2,500 cardholders, this powerful system integrates all card transactions to increase convenience and reduce overhead.

OdysseyOne allows patrons to use their ID cards for services such as dining, copying/printing, snack or beverage vending, company store/coffee shop purchases, and even door access. In addition, the ID card software can be affordably upgraded to Odyssey PCS to provide additional capabilities as needs and operations grow.