CBORD Solutions for Business and Industry

CBORD provides solutions for business and industry facilities to increase revenue, enhance employee convenience, and better manage food service operations. With solutions such as our cashless systems, CBORD can transform your existing employee ID badge from a simple identification device to a powerful employee benefit and incentive. Add in online ordering and self-order kiosk software, along with flexible catering software, and you have a provider committed to helping you improve operations and increase satisfaction.

Cashless Systems

CBORD solutions for cashless systems
CBORD has more than 30 years’ experience in providing flexible, comprehensive cashless systems to a variety of market segments. Business and industry customers trust us to turn existing employee ID badges into a valued benefit, improving employee satisfaction and providing a secure payment solution. What could cashless do for your organization?


CBORD Solutions for Catering
CBORD’s catering systems simplify all aspects of catering, meeting space, and event management. EventMaster® PLUS!  provides support for sales and order taking, setup and operations, billing and finance, and production lists. NetCatering® extends these capabilities by allowing customers to make their own reservations for meeting space and food and beverage service using an online portal.